Account Representative

We’re all affected by disability.

Linda Robertson

As my parents age, I see firsthand how the lack of access affects their independence.  My mom has started to use a wheelchair and she is not able to get into places as easily.  We experience all sorts of barriers when we go out shopping, go to church or even the doctor’s office.  The barriers and attitudes of people can make the things we used to enjoy not so fun anymore.  At NCA, we take customer service very seriously at NCA.  We are always striving to meet the customer’s expectations, because we know how hard practitioners and advocates are working out in the field to make accessibility happen.

Linda Robertson facilitates the day to day operation of the National Center on Accessibility as the Account Representative. Linda responds to customer inquiries and orders, maintains the center databases, library and publications inventory. She arranges staff travel and all of the other administrative tasks associated with the center’s daily operation. Prior to joining NCA in August 2003, Linda worked at the IU Art Museum and the IU Foundation.