Our accessibility specialists will evaluate your existing conditions and make recommendations on corrective actions to remove barriers to full participation by people with disabilities in your programs and facilities. All of our assessments look at the complete visitor experience from an entry-to-exit perspective. 


Site and Facility Walk-Throughs

Do you need an overview of your major accessibility challenges or guidance on how to improve access to a specific site? Our staff will walk through your facility with your staff, discussing access barriers that are present and ways to improve access.


Facility Accessibility Assessments

NCA staff will assess your facility for compliance with the relevant accessibility standards, guidelines, and best practices. Deliverable options include briefing statements stating major barriers, detailed reports identifying deficiencies and your legal obligations, and comprehensive reports that recommend solutions for all deficiencies complete with photo documentation, resources, and support as you work to improve access at your facility.


Program Accessibility Assessments

Program access is at the heart of inclusive recreation. To truly make your site accessible, all of the programs you offer must be accessible. This includes traditional elements like tours and interpretive programs but also experiences like picnicking, hiking, learning from exhibits, and taking in dramatic views. Our program evaluations start with the visitor experience to evaluate and make recommendations so that every visitor can benefit from the many program offerings at your site.


Policies, Practices, and Procedures Evaluations

A self-evaluation is not complete without an evaluation of your organization’s policies, practices, and procedures. NCA will work with your staff to review your existing policies, practices, and procedures and find ways to improve outcomes for all visitors.