NCA is available to provide consultation to your agency with the goal of improving access and inclusion for visitors and participants with disabilities. NCA staff has expertise in the application of the accessibility standards, universal design, park planning, facility management, and policy change. We offer both on-site and off-site consultation.  


Architecture and Engineering Firm Partnerships

NCA is available to serve as accessibility specialists on a wide range of project types. Whether you need technical guidance on the accessibility standards, recommendations on best practices, facilitation of a programmatic or policy evaluation, or are seeking input from people with disabilities, we can work with your team and client to increase access in your finished designs.


Exhibit Design Analysis and Exploration

Our staff can be your accessibility subject matter experts ensuring your exhibit provides an equal benefit to all visitors, including those with sensory or cognitive disabilities such as potential visitors who are blind, have low vision, are deaf, have hearing impairments, or have brain-based disabilities affecting memory, attention, or comprehension.


Plan and Drawing Reviews

Are you unsure if a planned design is providing the best access for all visitors? NCA can review your design documents and plans for compliance with the relevant accessibility standards and advise on universal design best practice modifications.


Product Reviews

Are you developing a product to improve access to parks and recreation facilities and/or programs? We can review your product or product design for usability by people with disabilities, universal design, and by the access standards so your product is ready for the competitive marketplace. 


Prototype Testing

How do you know if your planned exhibit model is communicating the information you want it to convey? The simple answer is, you test it. NCA will lead testing of your prototypes with people with many different types of disabilities.