Our staff is experienced in working with agencies, firms, and individuals through all phases of the planning process to improve access to recreation sites and programs. We can facilitate collaborative planning efforts, serve as accessibility specialists on your planning team, and/or advance your planning efforts by soliciting feedback from user experts.


Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan Facilitation

We can guide your agency through a self-evaluation, transition, and action plan to bring access improvements to your organization. The NCA team can assist in many stages of the process, from physical assessment, to conducting interviews, reviewing policies, and analyzing programs. We can assist in creating transition and action plans or provide guidance and direction while you conduct each of these elements. 


Concept and Design Development

The most effective and least expensive way to achieve universal access is to factor it in from the beginning. NCA staff can be a part of your design team, working with the project managers, architects, landscape architects, and engineers to ensure access and universal design are considered from the very beginning.


Public Meeting Facilitation

Inviting input from the public with disabilities is an essential step in ensuring your proposed plans are effective for the end user. Public participation will both advance your design and help your agency build strong connections within the community. NCA can facilitate these public meetings and help you build your access network.